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We offer fixed price hypospadias surgery for international patients traveling to Dallas, which includes fees for the surgeons, anesthesiologist, and the hospital. Appointments for outpatient evaluations are made the day prior to the scheduled surgery.

We can also assist with local accommodations and transportation to and from Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport.

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We accept most public and private insurance plans. We also offer special pricing for cash-paying patients for most procedures.

Our Services

  • Hypospadias and other penile problems
  • Chordee without hypospadias
  • ​Penile torsion
  • Excess skin after circumcision 
  • ​Epispadias
  • ​Undescended testicle
  • ​Retractile Testicles
  • UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and Vesicoureteral Reflex
  • Hernias and Hydroceles
  • ​Prenatal Hydronephrosis

PARC Urology Offers Five-Star Service You Can Count On! Dr. Snodgrass treats all urologic conditions in children and he is also a world expert in hypospadias and offers hypospadias surgery to adults for both first-time and re-operations after prior repairs.

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We created PARC Urology to care for all pediatric urology conditions – and to emphasize genital reconstruction, especially hypospadias repair in both children and adults. Genital problems are the most common birth defects, and include undescended testicles, hypospadias and other penis abnormalities in boys, and problems with development of the vagina and urinary channel in girls. Surgery to correct these conditions is complex, and is best done by very experienced surgeons who do these operations frequently. At PARC Urology we emphasize a team approach with 2 specialists for these procedures.

We have one of the largest practices in the United States for hypospadias repair, performing approximately 300 operations per year, while the average number performed by pediatric urologists is 12 mild and 2 severe cases per year. In addition, we constantly review our results to offer the best available care, and publish our findings to help others in the field.*

Both uncorrected hypospadias and unsatisfactory childhood surgery for hypospadias may persist in teenagers and adult men. Unlike many pediatric urology centers, our surgeons are experienced and comfortable treating adults. In contrast to most adult urologists, including those specializing in reconstruction, our surgeons are highly experienced in adult hypospadias operations, with outcomes as good as we achieve in children.
Our surgeons at PARC Urology are world renowned, traveling each year to hospitals and medical centers around the world teaching reconstructive genital operations and evidence-based urology to other surgeons.​

Warren Snodgrass

5680 Frisco Square Blvd, Suite 2300FriscoTX 75034, United States


From our research, we found Dr. Snodgrass. He invented the modern Hypospadias repair surgery. He works tirelessly to perfect and update it by making continual improvements. Google the "Snodgrass Procedure" or look up on pubmed how many studies site his work. [...] This man does more repairs than any of the people we interviewed. His results were great. He repaired my son's severe hypospadias, and we have had NO complications. He pees standing up, has a straight stream, and everything is straight. The usual outcome for severe hypospadias repair is complication after complication. We flew to Texas to see him, and would do it again.
- Eric, from AZ

Dr. Snodgrass is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I know that many people drive from near and far to have their children see and be cared for by him. [...] the staff is an incredible bunch and they make sure you and your child are comfortable. He performed an orchiopexy surgery on my son and gave him a precious gift, a chance at a normal life. How lucky I feel that our family happened to live so close. I highly recommend this doctor. Thank you Dr. Snodgrass!
-Cassandra Fletcher, from TX

I was glad to find out that the person who invented the "Snodgrass repair" is in the DFW area. He had his surgery by Dr. Snodgrass and now looks normal and healed very quickly. His staff seemed to have a lot of experience with boys with this condition. Highly recommend.

-Linda Parker, from TX

Dr. Snodgrass is an expert in hypospadias. You can't find a pediatric urologist that knows more or can do better! I am so pleased and thankful to have found him and that he did my sons repair!

-Unkown, from out of state

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World Expert in Pediatric Urology and Hypospadias Repair

Warren Snodgrass

I had my son's hypospadias repaired by Dr. Snodgrass . He is excellent and the best in the world. My son had moderate hypospadias with opening midshaft and after surgery you can't tell that there was any issue. He looks completely normal . I was pleasantly surprised with the results. No complications with the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Snodgrass. He is absolutely the best doctor in the world.

-TwinMom, from FL

We were referred to Dr. Snodgrass by another urologist who had done a horrible job on my 6 month old at the time with a patched up penis and a catheter coming out a little below his belly button. I was pregnant with my second son and emotional. Dr. Snodgrass took his time to explain what was wrong with the first failed surgery and what he wanted to do to make it a successful recovery and prepare us for the future surgeries he needed. He was very professional and clear with what he had to say and respectful when we had questions for him. Dr. Snodgrass worked very well with our schedule and insured that they were not wasted visits to his office.
-Rose C., from TX

 This office is BEAUTIFUL! My kids loved it! The whole staff is just great! My child was hungry and one of the staff let them have some lemonade and they even had animal crackers! The insurance lady was so helpful and the nurse was really great. The patient rooms have CHALKBOARD WALLS! How cool is that? Dr. Snodgrass is so great at explaining things to make you more comfortable about everything going on and so he explained and illustrated. I just can't give these doctor's and their office enough stars.

-Riley Kost, from TX



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